UCBM Masterplan International Design Competition
Winner Annoucement
The team led by Labics and Topotek 1 wins the international on invitation competition to design Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome masterplan.
An integrated and flexible infrastructure to promote the dialogue and interdisciplinarity of Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome and to enhance the Roman countryside while mending the existing urban framework for the benefit of students, patients, physicians, researchers and Trigoria citizens.
The project “Horti Academici” designed by Rome-based firm Labics and German landscape designers Topotek 1 wins UCBM Masterplan International Design Competition.
“Today we step into the future of our campus to furtherly shape our founding values – spirit of service and centrality of the person – in an overall design that comes out of an intense work and dialogue inside and outside the University to tackle the needs and future requests of science knowledge and at the same time to improve UCBM services and the quality of life for all the people that live, use or visit the campus every day”, has commented Davide Lottieri, Vice President of the University and member of the international Jury that examined shortlisted projects on last July.
For the ability to conceive and shape a new porous urban fabric with a rich system of public spaces, courtyards and porticoes, the sober and homogenous architectural language of the permeable buildings that “cultivates” the relationship among UCBM functions and its careful dialogue with Decima Malafede Nature Reserve, the proposal submitted by Labics founders,
Maria Claudia Clemente and Francesco Isidori, and by Martin Rein-Cano, among the partners of the Berlin-based firm, has been announced as the winning project of the international on invitation competition promoted by Campus Bio-Medico SpA and coordinated by Luca Molinari Studio.
We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to all the seven participants, the members of the Jury and the technical committee for the professionalism, competence and passion that have shared with us to dream the future of Campus Bio-Medico University. A special thanks goes to UCBM staff, teachers and students for the cooperation, to public Institutions and Trigoria citizens that have enriched the process with many precious suggestions – in terms of needs and priorities – for the campus and its territory” has affirmed Domenico Mastrolitto, Executive Director of Campus Bio-Medico SpA. 
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