UCBM competition workshop and people: Davide Lottieri
Davide Lottieri (President of Campus Bio-Medico SpA): We are very happy about the two days of International Workshop here at Campus Bio-Medico. It’s been a two-day intense workshop with seven leading architectural firms from all over the world, from all continents. We are very delighted because in two days they have had the chance to know and appreciate our passion, the passion of the campus staff… they have met many professors and students. Architects have visited the spaces where the daily life of the University unfolds, so they’ve had a better understanding of our (work) philosophy. Now, I think they have all the elements to design the future spaces for the growth and development of our University. I am also happy that we have provided a lot of information during these two days and many visits to the places, inside and outside the current buildings… but also cultural insights on the development of University in the future, reflections on the forthcoming technologies, a meeting with local institutions… and therefore it’s been a fruitful gathering. I am pleased because competition participants have appreciated the good work we have done, the respect of deadlines and consequently the respect for everyone's work… I think that the meaning of these days has been correctly understood. And in the end the architects have caught something, at least many among them have commented that there’s a family-like feeling, something personal that exceeds the institutional aspect, and, I think, this is a good point. They have understood that we want to promote an environment which is institutional/formal but goes beyond it in favour of interpersonal relations between people…that is the true wealth of Campus Bio-Medico University.
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