The project by Mario Cucinella Architects
Mario Cucinella describes the design gound rules of “Nature, Human. Knowledge” the masterplan and architectural project by Mario Cucinella Architects. A “molecule” equipped with its own growing features right from the start in order to build a city in a natural connection with Trigoria and Decima Malafede Nature Reserve.

The interview has been released on the occasion of UCBM Masterplan International Design Competition (16 and 17 July 2018).
Mario Cucinella, Mario Cucinella Architects: Our project for the campus is based on a simple idea, that is to imagine an infrastructure as a molecule that grows over time and contains all the necessary information on sustainability, flexibility and also on its strong relationship with the landscape that gives the campus such a unique identity. A great public road where all functions are articulated is designed with the idea that this campus is not only a park but it a part of the city, with all its complexities, such as the articulation of formal, informal, and natural spaces, overlapping porticoes and more reserved spaces, and also, large lawns. So, our main idea for UCBM is to offer a campus that is a small city that connects to the territory, on one side to Trigoria and on the other side to the natural park.

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