The project by El Equipo Mazzanti
Architect Giancarlo Mazzanti and landscape designer Joao Nuñes unveil the main strategies of El Equipo Mazzanti proposal, “Living Campus” for UCBM development. The interview is released on the occasion of UCBM Masterplan International Design Competition Jury (16 and 17 July 2018). The designers explain how they envisage the campus as a living matter system able to trigger new uses and behaviors in a landscape both poetic and designed to build up concrete relations between architecture and the context.
Design team: El Equipo Mazzanti
Giancarlo Mazzanti, Carlos Sin, Carlos Medellin, Piedad Hoyos, Camilo Reyes, Juan Jacobo Molina
+ Nicolàs Parra, Maria Victoria Salcedo, Juan Carlos Melo, Jorge Ramírez, POCH, Rolformados
Landscape Design
Proap Group
Joao Nunes, Iñaki Zoilo
Urban design
F.O.A, Federico Oliva Associati
Engineering & Management
Local Architect
Camillo Magni, Omar Rota, Lucia Paci, Ilaria Pedrini
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