The project by Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia
On the occasion of UCBM Masterplan International Design Competition Jury (16 e 17 July 2018), Alfonso Femia explained the guidelines of the project VIRIDI SCRIPTURAS / GREEN FLOW(er)S. Tomorrow is the Yesterday Future designed with his team, Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, for Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome.
Alfonso Femia, Atelier (s) Alfonso Femia: “Our proposal aims to bring inside the campus area its strong relationships with the territory. The site presents extraordinary conditions in relation to the Decima Malafede Nature Reserve and the urban centre of Trigoria.
The new responsible vision of the (university) park must respond to its functional program but at the same time it has to make sure to embrace the main features of this specific roman context.
Our idea is that the landscape, in its widest sense, provides the project’s founding strategy by switching roles: landscape leads density, a system of volumes and voids on the area where the architectural development is conceived. (We have designed) An architectural development that purposely enhances the existing values and designs a sort of cardo-decumano (system) which relates to the current buildings and the territory but in a more flexible way, by defining specific key aspects on the area and, at the same time by working exclusively with the existing topography in order to create several landscapes within a landscape, a sequence of unrolling conditions and environments, both collective and more intimate. We think about a campus used by people who live, study, research… and where the hospital is also included. Our proposal relies on a future-oriented idea to make the campus the centre of a territory and at the same time to unveil the territory through the campus.”
Design team: Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia
Alfonso Femia, Simonetta Cenci, Marco Corazza, Angela Cavallari, Arianna Dall’occa, Vincenzo Tripodi, Carola Picasso, Stefania Bracco, Ilaria Sisto, Sara Massa, Vittoria Paternostro, Elena Molfino, Federico Demoro, Naomi Eguiluz Miyahira
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