On the evaluation process UCBM Jury
Davide Lottieri, Vice President of Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome, comments on the days spent with UCBM Jury summoned to evaluate the seven masterplan and architectural proposals for the development of UCBM. The Jury, composed of 12 international experts within architecture, townplanning, medicine, biological sciences and bioengineering have given a fundamental contribution to deepen the projects’ understanding which were presented by competing teams on 17 and 18 July 2018. Following a first remote evaluation supported by the projects’ analysis drawn by the competition technical committee, any project presentation was followed by thirty minutes of questions and answers to allow the Jury to ask for additional information to competing architects. The works of the Jury continued on 18 July 2018 when the whole afternoon was devoted to the debate and evaluation session chaired by Luca Molinari.
Davide Lottieri: “Following the presentation of the seven competing projects it can be said that we are very satisfied with the last two working days. All teams have worked with the utmost professionalism and have detailed their visions for the future of Campus Bio-Medico University. Furthermore, we’ve had an important contribution by the Jury, a mostly international group of professionals with coming from the architectural, urban and scientific fields.  The Jury has helped us to go deeper into UCBM requests and to appreciate how any project was facing our requests.
These days have been truly enriching and precious to understand which project – among the seven wonderful proposals – has answered our needs for the next thirty years.
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