On the competition topics Felice Barela, UCBM President
Giorgio Minotti: Dr. Barela is one of the pioneers of our Bio-Medical Campus, he led the first general hospital, then the passage here in the new hospital in Trigoria. All these projects were thought on a 5 to 10 years span. Now, Dr. Barela leads the Bio-Medical Campus University towards a much longer project: the campus architectural development, masterplan and meta-project. So, what has changed in the University perspective? And what are your feelings towards the future of the University?
Felice Barela: Well, this year our University celebrates its first twenty-five years. In the last twenty-five years we have been realizing a lot of things far beyond our first expectations but our guideline has always been the idea synthesized by the expression “the science for human” to finalise its mainly scientific activities within the medical, engineering and nutrition sciences. These activities eventually concern people’s wellness and health. This focus keeps the same for the future. Now, it is important not to look back at the past, which is quite short too, but it is crucial to project ourselves towards the future, because, for a young university like us, it is even more important to be aware of innovation. In these last years we have witnessed a rapid evolution of the science, especially of applied sciences in the medical treatment, biomedicine and bioengineering. So, we need a creative effort to look ahead to the future and understand how Universities will be shaped in the next ten, twenty, thirty years. Through this project, masterplan and international competition we start to design the university development of the next ten, twenty, thirty years. It is important to first understand which needs will occurr. The idea is to maintain a theme university focused on human and environmental with a non-excessive number of students, so, we do not want a generalist university, but one sharpened on all those disciplines connected to health, ecology and the environmental field. All these issues have been presented to the seven competing firms invited to join the competition.  We are now eagerly looking forward to the results of the design phase that will be presented in July.
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