Luca Molinari on the challenge for UCBM and Rome
Luca Molinari: At a time when architecture is asked to design great solutions for a changing world, where we can no longer afford the consumption of resources, land and nature - that we have been squandering over the last century - the competition tool is maybe the best way to approach new architectural projects. As for UCBM process it has been carried out with the greatest attention especially because of its proximity to the park (Decima Malafede Natural Reserve) and its “border” location. We thought that the competition could be the best way to allow both the client and the campus communities to find a way to think and work on the next decades and, at the same time, to select the more suitable designers to side them them in this task. In the last nine months my team and UCBM have worked out a marathon process of dialogues, meetings, interviews that have led to draw the design dossier that we have delivered this afternoon to competing architects, to define the same final selection of invited designers that are now meeting the incredible community of UCBM, and to prepare UCBM people to look at their future in a different way. Today a new journey is beginning, nine months have passed since our first meeting in Rome. For the next three months the architects will work in their offices and in July we will have their project proposals in front of us to start looking at the campus development with a time horizon of 2045. It is a very ambitious challenge. I believe that this is also a major political, economic, social and cultural signal for the city of Rome. It is a challenge for the future and it is nice that it starts from Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome.
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