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The competition for the new masterplan design of Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome that will translate into new spaces and services the Athenaeum 2015-2045 Development Plan “piùCampus” is the result of a participatory process of sharing with the many communities that live the campus: patients, visitors, families, citizens, the elderly people of the neighborhood, students, professors, researchers, physicians, UCBM employees and the children of UCBM nursery and preschool. With the inception of CESA, the Center for the Healthcare of the Elderly, in 2000, and the campus opening in 2008, UCBM has already made available to the city and Trigoria new infrastructures and buildings: the University Hospital, PRABB Research Complex and Trapezio teaching building, new roads, green areas and facilities such as car parks and service areas.
Reaffirming its mission, based on a spirit of service and on the centrality of the person, the campus wishes to further promote the campus environmental quality for the common good of residents and citizens through the University Third Mission.  That’s why listening is a milestone in the ongoing Competition process that wishes to dialogue with Trigoria citizens, trade associations, local institutions and all active associations working for territorial quality. UCBM is happy to welcome your suggestions and ideas for this important journey ahead over the next thirty years. Have your say at:
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