Beauty, innovation and territorial value: Prof. Giorgio Minotti
Prof. Giorgio Minotti, Headmaster UCBM School of Medicine: The international competition organized by Campus Bio-Medico SpA for the next decades of this University, is a chance for three major opportunities and reflections: beauty, innovation and, I would say, territorial presence. Beauty is because the new campus wants to create an environment that is welcoming and engaging, an environment that makes professors and students, academic and non-academic visitors say: “It's good to live here”. There is an important element of innovation because the design for universities is now conceived on different guidelines compared with the past. Once it was the volume, today it’s the originality of volume, its multifunctionality. There is another aspect related to the University territorial presence because for this new project our University becomes more and more an architectural and social player of a welcoming area. I mean, it can become the academic district of the area. Like Paris Latin quarter, welcoming creative people; Philadelphia University City, full of scholars or a sports district for the students who practice here. In this sense, we are not only a University but rather an important social player within this specific geographical area in Rome.
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